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Do you know how to hang a fiberglass planter?

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 Hanging Fiberglass planter can display vining plants with long, trailing tendrils to their best advantage. Hanging planters also add color and life to otherwise drab, plain areas of the home interior or exterior. A poorly-hung fiberglass planter, however, can become a recipe for disaster. You\'ll want to place the planter somewhere where it\'s visible, accessible and fully supported. Hanging a planter the wrong way could result in a dangerous accident.

Line the fiberglass planter with moss or a plastic liner, either of which may be purchased at home and garden stores. If using moss, soak it and wring it out to add one handful at a time around the inside of the planter. The moss layer will be approximately 1 1/2 inches thick.

Choose where to hang your planter. You may bury a shepherd\'s hook in your garden to hang the planter less than 6 feet off the ground, hang the planter from a wall or post or hang it overhead from a ceiling.

Attach an angle bracket to a wall or post to hold the hanging planter. Screw 2 1/2-inch sdtfrhui screws into the pre-fabricated holes in the bracket. If attaching the bracket to a stone or brick exterior wall, you\'ll need a mason\'s drill bit to screw it into the wall.

Prepare a ceiling for a hanging planter by pre-drilling a 1-inch hole into the ceiling, then screwing in a 1 1/2-inch screw hook.

Drill two small holes on each side of the fiberglass planter if it is not already made for hanging. Pull two ends of a 4 foot (or longer) decorative chain, 1/2-inch diameter or smaller, through each hole and bring the ends up to meet the chain on the other side of the pot. Fasten the ends to the chain by wrapping it through and around the links.

Find the apex of the chain attached to the FRP profiles, balancing the weight of the planter evenly in your hand.

Slide the planter chain onto the hook or bracket where it will hang.


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